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Photo Ed Yourdon on Flickr

Bryant Park, late Apr 2009 - 21

The young woman here is beautiful, and I love the reflection of the keyboard in her sunglasses ... but I gotta tell ya: the combination of grass and green-glow on the back of her laptop is out of this world. I have to admit that I used some color saturation to pump up the colors a little ... but not much. This photograph made itself: I just happened to be in the right place, at the right time, to point my camera in the right direction and push the shutter-button... Note: this photo was...

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Photo Michael Macfeat on Flickr

EAST SIDE CONFIDENTIAL part two, Confusion on the Heels of Chaos EAST SIDE CONFIDENTIAL part two: Confusion on the Heels of Chaos "I was once, if I remember correctly, present at a gathering of madmen." - Roberto Bolaño Conjoined twins sharing a vital organ are destined to die simultaneously. Frank "Turk" Jaworski and the Open Kitchen took the same...


Photo ptxdview on Flickr

Transvestite @ Westfield Stratford 1

I went to a store to buy some makeup, I had to reach the bottom shelf, if I bend over my bottom would be on display as I was wearing Brazilian Knickers (Panties), A women was stood beside be , so like a lady I bend my knees and squatted down. The knickers cut deep into me as I squatted down. I looked at the product and noticed the women next to be was squatting down as well, I ran my hand along the side of legs an noticed my lacy stocking tops were on display. Time for a quick exit. I like...

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Photo Disappearing Atlanta on Flickr

Former CD/Game Exchange (The Record Exchange), Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Formerly The Record Exchange on Coventry Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, here from about 1978 through 2010, a 32-year run. Not much has been written about Record Ex, or about its owners. In fact, other than the novel "High Fidelity," there has been little writing about working in retail music. Two brothers who were Heights grads started their business as students at Ohio State in 1975, attained their degrees, then moved it home to Cleveland Heights. They must have started off doing...

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Photo mattbellphoto on Flickr

Self Portrait - EDC

Every Day Carry Front left pants pocket: - Staedtler red chisel-tip permanent marker - Sakura IDentiPen black dual-tip permanent marker - Artist Loft 05 blue illustration pen - Sakura 01 black Pigma Micron pen - fingernail clippers - sewing kit scissors - change/coins - iPro S2 iPhone 5 handle/lens stack Front right pants pocket: - Kershaw Clash assisted folding knife - Nitecore SRT5 LED flashlight - meds in old mint tin - small Bic lighter - iPhone 5 in iPro S2 Lens System case Back left...

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October 22, 2019 -


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