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Ed Shoplotnik, Angry Grocer

Uh-oh, looks like Ed's angry again. Somebody's been thumping the cantaloupes a little too hard (yikes, that sounded kind of dirty). Poor Ed. He thought working in a grocery store would be an easy job. Little did he know that after a few months his face would be contorted into a permanent grimace, his posture would assume a world-weary slouch, his arches would fall faster than the stock market and he'd develop an intense disdain for the mouth-breathing masses that wandered into his store....

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13 things you probably don't know about me. 1. I'm the only child (not including my long lost half brother that I recently found out about). And no, I wasn't spoiled. I was far from that. SO far from it *sigh*. 2. I'd eat an entire box of fudgsicles in one day if I could. That'll only happen if I was all by myself though. Now I'd have to share with the daughter and the Mister. Baaaah humbug. 3. If you haven't met me yet, I'm only 5 feet short. Upon meeting a flickr friend or...

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Former CD/Game Exchange (The Record Exchange), Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Formerly The Record Exchange on Coventry Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, here from about 1978 through 2010, a 32-year run. Not much has been written about Record Ex, or about its owners. In fact, other than the novel "High Fidelity," there has been little writing about working in retail music. Two brothers who were Heights grads started their business as students at Ohio State in 1975, attained their degrees, then moved it home to Cleveland Heights. They must have started off doing...


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15 Simple Money Saving Tips Anyone Can Use

via WordPress Do you want to travel more? Save money to move abroad? Pay down your debt? Have a nest egg so you can start your own business? Finding the extra cash to do so isn’t always easy. In this article, I’ll share 15 simple money saving tips to help you keep more cash in your pocket. But first, it’s important to figure out your finances and how much money is available for you to save. Write down your take home earnings, and from there, subtract all of your necessary...

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Financial Crisis? Here’s How to Get Through It

via Maybe you’ve lost your job. Maybe your partner is suffering through a costly illness. Maybe you’ve run up so much credit card debt that you can barely keep up with your minimum monthly payment. You’re in the middle of a financial crisis. But what can you do to work your way out of it? And how can you do this without destroying your credit? Here are some tips for how to survive a financial crisis and what to do to prevent one in the future. Prioritize Your Payments Ideally, you’ll...

The 10 Best Gas Rewards Credit Cards Of 2019 Forbes

October 10, 2019 -


grocery cash back credit card
I Will Teach You To Be Rich

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Hachette UK. 2020

The Lemonade Life

The Lemonade Life

HarperCollins Leadership. 2019

The secret to an extraordinary life starts with five simple changes that anyone can make. No matter who you are, where you come from, what you do for a living, or how much money you have, everyone has a shot at greatness. Zack Friedman has inspired millions with his powerful insights, including more than fourteen million who have read his advice in Forbes. In his ground breaking new book, The Lemonade Life, Friedman starts with a fundamental question: What drives success? It's not only hard...

Retire Before Mom and Dad: The Simple Numbers Behind A Lifetime of Financial Freedom

Retire Before Mom and Dad: The Simple Numbers Behind A Lifetime of Financial Freedom

Glenbrook Press. 2019

In Retire Before Mom and Dad, you'll learn how to unlock the superpower inside of you that is capable of transforming almost any income into lasting financial freedom. And, you'll discover that it's not about scrimping and sacrificing to get there.

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