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Pigeon Point Light House - Pescadero, California, USA

Larger This outing was fairly typical for my band of misfits. We some how, started out intending to come to this spot. Then we vierd off coarse trying to get to another destination that was utterly hopeless to get to. After some climbing, sliding down muddy trails with drop offs of like 20ft to one side of us, standing on a rocky shelf and trying to figure out how to get back across a 6 foot wide ravine full of the water from the incoming tides that would be all of 12-14 feet deep on our...

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Crucifixion 001 (Epitaph II)

Acrylic on canvas ~ 14" x 18" This painting was originally intended as a 'study' for a larger more involved and detailed painting. One I've been commissioned to create. I've decided to continue my series of paintings which began with my commission entitled 'EPITAPH' My 'Epitaph' series of paintings concern my trepidation and anger over the changes I have seen, and see coming, in our world. I need to express the horror I feel as I...

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Ed Shoplotnik, Angry Grocer

Uh-oh, looks like Ed's angry again. Somebody's been thumping the cantaloupes a little too hard (yikes, that sounded kind of dirty). Poor Ed. He thought working in a grocery store would be an easy job. Little did he know that after a few months his face would be contorted into a permanent grimace, his posture would assume a world-weary slouch, his arches would fall faster than the stock market and he'd develop an intense disdain for the mouth-breathing masses that wandered into his store....

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EAST SIDE CONFIDENTIAL part two, Confusion on the Heels of Chaos EAST SIDE CONFIDENTIAL part two: Confusion on the Heels of Chaos "I was once, if I remember correctly, present at a gathering of madmen." - Roberto Bolaño Conjoined twins sharing a vital organ are destined to die simultaneously. Frank "Turk" Jaworski and the Open Kitchen took the same...

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my life's logos

a collage of about 250+ logos that i almost see everyday

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October 22, 2019 -


good cash back credit cards
I Will Teach You To Be Rich

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Hachette UK. 2020

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Hachette UK. 2010

I Will Teach You To Be Rich is a practical approach delivered with a non-judgemental style based on the four pillars of personal finance – banking, saving, budgeting and investing – and the wealth-building ideas of personal entrepreneurship. Witty, entertaining, wise and practical, Ramit Sethi explains how to automate your money flow - i.e. earn while sleeping, why your new best friend should be the taxman and how to beat banks and credit cards at the fee game. How do you negotiate a raise?...

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

Avery. 2019

Money is unlimited. Time is not. Become financially independent as fast as possible. In 2010, 24-year old Grant Sabatier woke up to find he had $2.26 in his bank account. Five years later, he had a net worth of over $1.25 million, and CNBC began calling him "the Millennial Millionaire." By age 30, he had reached financial independence. Along the way he uncovered that most of the accepted wisdom about money, work, and retirement is either incorrect, incomplete, or so old-school it's obsolete....

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