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Parkdale Collegiate Institute **Sep 18 2019 40/50/60s REUNION Luncheon at Palais Royale 1601 Lake Shore BLVD** -- Smiling Stone Face above main entrance

Invitation to Parkdale's Fifth Annual Luncheon of the 1940/50 & 60 Alumni Palais Royale 1601 LAKESHORE BLVD, WEST TORONTO, ONTARIO WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 18, 2019 TIME 11:00 a.m. TO 3:00 P.M ---------------------------------- Thursday, April 25, 2019 Parkdale C I Theatre Fund Raiser Play: "UNNECESSARY FARCE” A rollicking comedy of two cops, three crooks, one embezzling mayor, a female accountant and eight doors Location: Village Playhouse 2190 Bloor Street West...

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Former CD/Game Exchange (The Record Exchange), Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Formerly The Record Exchange on Coventry Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, here from about 1978 through 2010, a 32-year run. Not much has been written about Record Ex, or about its owners. In fact, other than the novel "High Fidelity," there has been little writing about working in retail music. Two brothers who were Heights grads started their business as students at Ohio State in 1975, attained their degrees, then moved it home to Cleveland Heights. They must have started off doing...


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15 Simple Money Saving Tips Anyone Can Use

via WordPress Do you want to travel more? Save money to move abroad? Pay down your debt? Have a nest egg so you can start your own business? Finding the extra cash to do so isn’t always easy. In this article, I’ll share 15 simple money saving tips to help you keep more cash in your pocket. But first, it’s important to figure out your finances and how much money is available for you to save. Write down your take home earnings, and from there, subtract all of your necessary...

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History of Gilmore Gasoline

Here is a history of the Gilmore Gasoline Company: THE GILMORE OIL COMPANY 1900-1945 A basic history of a very enthusiastic company by Alan Darr REMEMBER SLOGANS like "Blu-Green Gas," "Roar With Gilmore,""Gilmore The Record Breaker?" Remember the "Gilmore Fun Circus" radio show and "That Funny Red Lion Gas Song?" In the 1920s and '30s these were the sounds of the Gilmore Oil Company of Los Angeles, California. Up and down the West Coast,...

The Best Credit Cards for 2019 MONEY

October 7, 2019 -


best cash back credit cards no annual fee
I Will Teach You To Be Rich

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Hachette UK. 2020

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Hachette UK. 2010

I Will Teach You To Be Rich is a practical approach delivered with a non-judgemental style based on the four pillars of personal finance – banking, saving, budgeting and investing – and the wealth-building ideas of personal entrepreneurship. Witty, entertaining, wise and practical, Ramit Sethi explains how to automate your money flow - i.e. earn while sleeping, why your new best friend should be the taxman and how to beat banks and credit cards at the fee game. How do you negotiate a raise?...

Expecting Money

Expecting Money

Graymalkin Media. 2017

No matter how much you earn, own, or owe, you can create a secure financial future for your family. In her engaging, down-to-earth style, nationally known credit and money management expert Erica Sandberg provides no-nonsense strategies on how to overcome the challenges every parent faces, from raising a family on a reduced income, to the practicalities of debt repayment, to managing expenses over the course of a child’s life. Indispensable and easy-to-use, Expecting Money offers you the...

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