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Photo Ed Yourdon on Flickr

Bryant Park, late Apr 2009 - 21

The young woman here is beautiful, and I love the reflection of the keyboard in her sunglasses ... but I gotta tell ya: the combination of grass and green-glow on the back of her laptop is out of this world. I have to admit that I used some color saturation to pump up the colors a little ... but not much. This photograph made itself: I just happened to be in the right place, at the right time, to point my camera in the right direction and push the shutter-button... Note: this photo was...

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Photo nataliej on Flickr

Day 190 - The Money Shot

This shot cost me £70.... I spent the last few days staying with Chris and Sarah down in Cambridge and yesterday we decided on the spur of the moment to have a BBQ (like most Brits on a sunny afternoon). So Sarah and I drove to Tesco to go and get some supplies. The yellow of the Oil Seed Rape had been distracting me on the way there, so as we were driving back, I stopped the car to take my 365 shot for the day. I parked the car and put my camera on the roof (I didn't have a tripod with...

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FROM THE "ROAD NOTES OF MAVEN": Road To European Union

Image: Self-portrait- Car: Audi TT 2002 RS Image Credit: © Mavenimagery- ©Audi. Processed by: mavenimagery Labs Inc. Los Angeles, California. HDR PROCESSED with IRET (Iris Range Enhancement Technology) IRET (Iris Range Enhancement Technology and MavenFilters are products of mavenimagery Labs Innovation) Copyright 2012 by mavenimagery Labs Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. For private, editorial or commercial use contact...

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Chloe full album

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Photo mattymeis on Flickr

The Watchman

A few specs here then a little story - the streaks at the bottom of the frame are actually leaves moving through a little side pool. I was jacked to have this come together as I spent a lot of time looking for spots where fall leaves might be moving along the river. I took a bunch of 8-10s exposures at f/22, ISO 64 to capture the streaks. I was using a Nikon D810 and a Tamron 15-30 - shot at 22mm. The light wasn't out of this world, but I wanted to put something together from this night for...

Uber Money is the company’s latest attempt to expand into financial services The Verge

October 28, 2019 -


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I Will Teach You To Be Rich

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

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Expecting Money

Expecting Money

Graymalkin Media. 2017

No matter how much you earn, own, or owe, you can create a secure financial future for your family. In her engaging, down-to-earth style, nationally known credit and money management expert Erica Sandberg provides no-nonsense strategies on how to overcome the challenges every parent faces, from raising a family on a reduced income, to the practicalities of debt repayment, to managing expenses over the course of a child’s life. Indispensable and easy-to-use, Expecting Money offers you the...

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

Avery. 2019

Money is unlimited. Time is not. Become financially independent as fast as possible. In 2010, 24-year old Grant Sabatier woke up to find he had $2.26 in his bank account. Five years later, he had a net worth of over $1.25 million, and CNBC began calling him "the Millennial Millionaire." By age 30, he had reached financial independence. Along the way he uncovered that most of the accepted wisdom about money, work, and retirement is either incorrect, incomplete, or so old-school it's obsolete....

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